The Way I See It

I post pretty much whatever catches my eye. Im addicted to TV, Netflix, and coffee. [InstaG: AyeMandaa2k12] [Twitter: AyeeManda2K11]

"Look around you. at the quiet girl you share notes with, the cute guy you have a crush on, the gunner who talks too much in class, and ask yourselves, do you know who anyone really is?”

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Pretty LIttle Liars Fan Fiction

Who Loves PLL Fanfiction??

Faking It

Did youmiss the Season 2 premiere of MTV’s Faking It?  You can watch it now on Amazon!

Usually i just stick to spamming everyone’s dashboards with Pretty Little Liars posts, but check out my E-Book

Pretty Little Liars Finale Spoilers: Who Will Die Season 5 Summer Final Episode 12 - Mona, Caleb, or Alison? | Celeb Dirty Laundry →
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