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Pretty Little Liars Finale Spoilers: Who Will Die Season 5 Summer Final Episode 12 - Mona, Caleb, or Alison? | Celeb Dirty Laundry →

Hi, a lot of you probably remember me from the Pretty Little Liars theories i used to post on here.  I am currently a lead writer on a popular entertainment site and I frankly just don’t have time anymore. I am currently building a website of my own, and I am looking for some Pretty Little Liars theory posts.  I will pay you to write them for me, it’s not much but it could add up, $4.00 per post (I pay via PayPal).  There is some criteria:

1.  Obviously they need to be in English, and not poor English.  No slang or abbreviations.  

2.  They have to be fresh and new posts, not something that you have already posted on Tumblr or any other sites.  

3.  They have to be a minimum of 400 words, and they can’t contain any copyrighted content (ie: pictures or text from other sites).

If you are interested please message me on here and we will discuss details.  Serious inquiries only please.  

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